Application Process

The Office of Prestigious Awards (OPA) is the UCF campus representative for all prestigious scholarships. While OPA is housed within The Burnett Honors College, it serves the entire UCF community. Recipients of these awards not only earn national acclaim, but also the monetary rewards that can cover the costs associated with graduate training at the very best graduate programs.


OPA works closely with students throughout all stages of the application process. Because of the competitive nature of these scholarships, preparation is both intensive and extensive, and should begin as early as your freshman year.


If you are interested in pursuing a prestigious scholarship, you can start now by:

          • Getting to know yourself. Take time to examine your personal and career goals. Identify issues that are important to you.
          • Getting to know your campus. Join campus clubs and organizations, and do it with intention. Seek leadership roles within groups that are the most meaningful to you.
          • Getting to know your professors. Find faculty mentors who can offer insight and knowledge as well as opportunities for learning and research.
          • Getting involved with research. Engage in research or a creative project in your area of study. Research will not only enrich your undergraduate experience, but will also prepare you for graduate school.
          • Getting to know your community. Participate in service organizations and activities that you are passionate about.
          • Getting the grade. For most scholarships a GPA of 3.7 or above is required.
          • Enrolling in “Windows to the World”- IDH 4030H. Sign-up in the spring semester of your freshman or sophomore year.